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About Android 18 Figures

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Android 18 Action Figures Ship Free Worldwide

If you decide to order with us and you choose to spend just $20 or more, your shipping price will be all on us! We'll also ship your DBZ Android 18 figure to anywhere in the world no matter where you reside!

Different Styles of Android 18 Figures

As Krillin's woman, and with a twin sister named Android 17, you best have some special looks you can pull out of the closet or some styles that nobody else can touch because you're going to need it to stand out. Our Dragon Ball Z Android 18 figures feature the many hairstyles, looks, and the different clothing of our darling little fighter. You may even be interested in the different materials used also!

Weekly Promo Codes to Save Money

What is better than saving money? Saving money on your Android 18 statue that's what! Every single week we offer savings and discounts on your favorite Android 18 action figure so you'll never pay full price for figures again.

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Don't worry, nobody is going to steal your Android 18 DBZ figure, or your hard-earned money! We use one of the safest money collecting platforms on the planet, Paypal, so your information can't be copied and redistributed.

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Have a question? A growing concern? Feedback? A complaint? We are always here to listen to your questions or concerns 7 days per week, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year! - constant customer service for all of your DBZ Android 18 figure needs.

We Promise to Keep Customers Satisfied

We truly want to make the best Android 18 statues that you've ever seen and we know you deserve to be complete, 100% satisfied every single time you shop with us and even just visit our store!

Tell us What you Think

We always love to hear your feedback regarding your Dragon Ball Z Android 18 figure. Tell us everything you love and even dislike, as we use your feedback to better our customer service and products!

Android 18 Figures Ordering Process

The step-by-step process to order with us

Search for your favorite Android 18 action figure

When you arrive at our site, your first step is to search for that DBZ Android 18 figure that you want the most and add it to your cart!

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Find a discount code on your Android 18 figure

You'll want to look around for the sales that week, and enter in a discount code right before checking out so you can save money on your purchase!

Paying and checking out

Paying and checking out with your Android 18 statue has never been easier and more secure! Just put in your information that will never be stored, and wah-la - you're finito'!

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4th step

Receipt and Track

Once you purchase with us, you'll immediately receive a receipt and confirmation of your Android 18 figure purchase. Then you'll be able to follow and track your figure all the way to your front door!

Receiving your Android 18 action figure

The last step (and probably the best one) is to receive your order! Remember, we love hearing what you think about your new toy so feel free to leave us a review or feedback!

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Android 18 Figure Customer Reviews

So, what do our customers think about us?

You said you wanted us to leave feedback, so here's mine. THANK YOU! I'm in love with my new figure, so much in love that my hubby is asking me if I'm alright. I cried opening up the package yesterday by the way. When I saw how amazing she was. I just couldn't help but cry. So I love the way it looks but even the way it feels to the touch. smooth. I love the way they designed her and the clothes too, like I would never be able to have such a steady hand and talented drawings/moldings. Wow just wow. I certainly 1000% recommend getting your DBZ figures and other DBZ items from here.

Angie Little

Bought: Android 18 Figure Flying PVC Collection

Angie Little rating 5 stars

I'm obsessed with Android 18 figure. She's absolute bomb. I got the model version of her too and her outfit is on point. Thanks DBZ figures for once again sending me a beautiful Android 18 (&& Krillin) figure!!!

Stephan Liche'

Bought: Dragon Ball Z Android 18 Figure Kimono Model

Stephan Liche' rating 5 stars

Is it wrong of me to think that this Android 18 figure is HOT? I mean, the way they made this statue... GODDAM ... her assets are voluptuous. Like, damn near perfect. I know, she's not real, but if this doll was real .. Good Lord. Now if that tells you anything about how damn good these statues are made. The details are just out of this world. Mind blown.

Mark Shin

Bought: Android 18 Lazuli Dragon Ball Z figure

Mark Shin rating 5 stars