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Main Points of Raditz Figures

Here's why we're the #1 shop for Raditz figures

Worldwide Free Shipping on Raditz Figures

We pride ourselves on shipping free worldwide with a purchase of $20 or more on your Dragon Ball Z Raditz figures. We’re so happy to be able to ship anywhere in the world and bring your favorite Dragon Ball statues to your front door!

Many Options for Raditz Action Figures

We know that as a Dragon Ball Z fan you’re going to want your DBZ Raditz figure to come in all sizes, shapes, and forms, and we give you just that! As Goku’s biological brother, we understand that when you search for a Raditz Statue you’re going to want to see him in all his Super Saiyan forms and that’s exactly what we offer!

Raditz Figures Weekly Discounts

There is no other DBZ Raditz action figure site that offers discounts every single week, but we do! There is always a discount or promo code to be found to add to your order, saving you money with every purchase so that you can build your collection without breaking the bank.

Always a Secure Checkout

Purchasing online can sometimes be nerve-wracking but not with us! We offer secure checkout every time through PayPal and we never track or store information. You can rest assured knowing that your next Dragon Ball Raditz figure won’t put you in harm’s way as if Raditz is right there protecting you from money being taken or card info being stolen

Constant Customer Support

Dragon Ball Z figures offer 24/7, around the clock constant customer support. No matter the issue or question, we are always here to help you with all of your DBZ Raditz figure needs!

Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction

We guarantee customer satisfaction every single time because you are what makes our world go ‘round, so it’s only right that we help spin yours too! We aim to make every customer happy, every single time they are on our site or speaking with customer service.

We Always Want to See Your Feedback

We love to see your feedback! If you just purchased a really cool Dragon Ball Raditz action figure, post about it and let us know what you think about it! Even if you have concerns we take every matter very seriously and try to make things right when they go left.

Raditz Figures Our Shopping Guide

Find your favorite Raditz Figure

First, search the site for your favorite Raditz figure and favorite Raditz form.

1st step
2nd step

Find out if there are any promo codes

Remember, we said we have weekly discount codes, so before you checkout with your Raditz statue make sure you’ve checked to see if there’s a code for that day that you can use!

Checkout and Paying

Checking out has never been easier and more secure! We use PayPal which is one of the most secure platforms to date, you’ll enter in your information and proceed to purchase your Raditz figure.

3rd step
4th step

Tracking your order

After your order, you’ll receive a receipt, and then tracking information will follow. You will be kept notified every single step of the way.

Getting your Raditz figure

When you get your Raditz action figure, show and tell the whole world about it! We guarantee you’ll be the coolest DBZ kid on the block!

5th step

Raditz Action Figures Client Reviews

Find out what our clients say about our Raditz figures

Very pleased with my new Raditz statue! I had no idea that you could still find these gems! I was thoroughly convinced they didn't make these anywhere but this place has everything you could imagine and then some. and that hair!!

Juan Lopez

Bought: Rivals Series Raditz (color version)

Juan Lopez rating 5 stars

I collect figures of Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z and have for years now, this site has some very tediously designed and yet such amazing pieces I've ever seen. I definitely recommend getting your DBZ figures from here!

Trina Tucker

Bought: Dragon Ball Z Saiyan Raditz

Trina Tucker rating 5 stars

Super fast shipping and great products! I love my new Raditz figure and I plan on buying all of his forms now, such great quality...wow

Milena Shoo

Bought: DBZ Raditz Oozaru

Milena Shoo rating 5 stars