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Mr. Satan has numerous outfits he likes to wear, including days he likes to relax and not be a mixed martial artist fighting Gods of other universes. He was also known as one of the first and only non-Saiyans to be able to go Super Saiyan mode, so it's only fair that we offer numerous options and forms of Mr. Satan action figures!

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Every week you'll find a discount at DBZ Figures, because here we believe that you should enjoy every single second of shopping with us and shopping for your Mr. Satan figure. With all of our other super cool perks offered, what good would we be if we never offered a discount? So instead, we always offer discounts - every single week!

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Purchasing online can be downright scary, but not if you've got a crazy Mr. Satan figure fighting on your team. It's almost like he's right there fighting off the bad guys for you while checkout on our site. With one of the most secure networks ever, you'll never have to worry about your information being duplicated ever again!

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Once you purchase your Dragon Ball Z Mr. Satan statue, you'll see a receipt emailed straight to you immediately after the purchase goes through. Then you'll be able to follow your tracking information all the way to your front door! Never miss a step with your package!

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The best part about ordering your figures with us is, of course, receiving it! When you receive your Mr. Satan action figure please make sure you leave us some feedback!

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Mr. Satan Action Figures Client Reviews

Listen to what our clients have to say about our DBZ figures!

The figure is funny alright, got Mr. Satan right in mid-jump! but I love this figure and I'm so in love that I'm purchasing a Goku figure right now. yes I got Mr. Satan before Goku, omg sue me. I'll be getting my entire collection from here from now on so don't worry about what order I go in ;)

Adrian Lugo

Bought: Mr. Satan Figure Funny Jump

Adrian Lugo rating 5 stars

I collect all of the S.H. figuarts figures, they're my favorite so when I went looking for Mr. Satan statues I knew his wouldn't be any different. You guys actually made me like this creepy old weird man! lol. Pretty intense features and spot on to the real deal.

Celine Irioshi

Bought: S.H. Figuarts Mr. Satan Figure

Celine Irioshi rating 5 stars

Dude, I couldn't find this figure anywhere and when I did find it I bet a friend that it would be over $100...needless to say my friend won that bet. But I ain't mad. I found you guys!!! Y'all carry all my favorite hidden gems and hidden statues that I can't find anywhere, you all rock!

Leann Lewis

Bought: Dragon Ball Dorakapu Mr. Satan Figure

Leann Lewis rating 5 stars