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With her different styles and outfits, it's only right that we have a variety of Pan figures to choose from. You can even find different sizes made and materials used so you can have every Pan figure style there ever was!

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We pride ourselves in giving top-notch quality products and customer service, but also weekly discounts. We feel like if you're going to spend time with us at DBZ Figures we should give you discount codes to save money on your Pan figures.

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Dragon Ball Pan Figures Customer Reviews

What are customers saying about our Pan statues?

I love my girly little Pan figure! I think this is the most feminine I've ever seen Pan, but I really like it. And the details in the figure are incredibly similar to the actual drawing, it's almost eerie how detailed this thing is!

Geneva Litrell

Bought: High Grade Girls Series - Dragon Ball GT HG Girls Pan Exclusive

Geneva Litrell rating 5 stars

My DB GT Pan figure is probably my most favorite figure I've got (and I've got a lot of them) and this is the first one I've bought from your store! I think your design is flawless and impeccable.

Aidan Waters

Bought: Bandai - Dragon Ball GT Pan

Aidan Waters rating 5 stars

The Budokai Tenkaichi Pan figure is a super rare find, and I actually have another one that doesn't look anything like this one. This one from dragon ball z figures is outstanding compared to the one I have from another site a couple years ago. Let's just say, this is my new go-to place for all things Dragon Ball ;)

Romero Escavar

Bought: Pan Figure Tenkaichi Budokai 20cm PVC

Romero Escavar rating 5 stars