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Buying a Great Ape Figure

The best place to purchase Great Ape action figures. Here’s why!

Free Shipping to Anywhere in the World

Not only do we ship out to anywhere in the world, but if you spend $20 or more with us on your Dragon Ball Great Ape Action Figures, we will also cover your shipping costs! We pride ourselves on offering free delivery to anywhere in the world, just as the Great Ape transformation takes pride in its fighting skills.

Various Options on Great Ape Figures

While the Great Ape is already a transformed character in itself, that doesn't mean he can't come in other styles and forms! Check out the different Great Ape figures we carry to find out which one you like the best, at least the best for now.

Discount Codes Every Week

It doesn’t get any better than saving money every single time you purchase a figure with us, and that is exactly what we offer. Discount and promo codes on your favorite DBZ Great Ape figures every week! You’ll save so much money and be able to build your figure collection without spending too much!

Checkout is Always Secure

Our checkout is always secure so you’ll never have to worry about your information being stored and used as we use PayPal, one of the most secure payment methods today. Never worry when purchasing your Great Ape figures from our site because you are protected as if the Great Ape is right there protecting you!

24/7 Customer Support

There is nothing worse than ordering online and not having the customer support that you need when you need answers now, so Dragon Ball Z figures promise to always be there to answer any of your questions and concerns, 24/7. We only want to be there for you like all of our die-hard DBZ fans are there for us!

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our site and customer service promises to stand by their customers every step of the way, with 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed. We know you’re going to love your DBZ Great Ape figure, but we want you to love us just as much!

Feedback is Encouraged

Feedback is super important to us because it lets us know how we’re doing and what customers think about our products. We encourage each of you that have purchased and received with us to give us your feedback on your Dragon Ball Z Great Ape figure!

Great Ape Figures Shopping and Ordering Process

Everything you need to know about ordering and purchasing your Great Ape statue

Finding the best Great Ape figure for you

It’s important to review the choices at hand, and read the description of each figure so that you find the perfect one for you. Searching for your Great Ape figure and navigating our site is super easy!

1st step
2nd step

Look for discount codes on your favorite figures

Make sure you remember to look for that weekly discount code we mentioned that we give out every single week, so that you get the best deal on your favorite Great Ape figures!

Check out securely

Once you’ve got your item(s) in your cart you’re ready to checkout using PayPal. Your information will never be taken from or stored on our website, so you’ll never have to worry about having a not so secure checkout option. Enjoy our hassle-free, super-secure payment process!

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4th step

Track your packages

After purchasing you’ll find a receipt of your purchase in your email, and you’ll continue to be notified every time your order has an update. As soon as you have a tracking number you will be notified and you’ll be able to watch updates through that link!

Receiving your Great Ape figure

After tracking your package through the tracking link provided, you’ll be notified of the day of delivery and receive your item(s) in pristine condition. We love hearing feedback so feel free to let us know what you think about your Dragon Ball Z Great Ape figure!

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Great Ape Figure Client Reviews

What do our clients say about their Great Ape figure?

Wow - I'm almost at a loss for words at how much I like my Great Ape figure. Like, I knew you guys looked like you had some pretty dope figures in them pictures but dang, those pictures didn't tell me that these figures were the best damn Dragon Ball Z figures ever made in history ;)

Jason Mcloud

Bought: Goku Great Monkey Ape

Jason Mcloud rating 5 stars

I bought this for my fiance and he almost fainted when he saw the Great Ape figure! and in a good way! He was literally holding it like a baby lol. Super great product evidently, he says this is the most intricately designed Great Ape figure he has ever seen. Thanks for helping me with apparently the best gift ever to my man!

Kadence White

Bought: Great Ape Vegeta

Kadence White rating 5 stars

DBZ has always been a huge part of my family, all the way back to my great great grandmother, who taught all of us children about the dragon balls saga and we were hooked from then on out. Now, with children of my own, I am teaching them what I was taught and they love it just as much as I. We are sharing these "toys" as mother/children moments, the Great Ape figure is something that is so special to me and my family I can't even explain it - it is a family thing. Stunning and amazing product.

Stephanie Wong

Bought: Great Golden Ape

Stephanie Wong rating 5 stars