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Gotenks Figures Main Points

Here's why we should be your go-to for Gotenks action figures

We Ship Worldwide and Free if Over $20

If you live outside of the United States, we will ship to you, no problem. If you spend $20 or more, we will also ship it to you for free, no problem. We know how much you love your Gotenks figures and we want every DBZ fan to be able to have one!

Various Options of Gotenks Figures

Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks figure anyone? We made sure to include all transformations and styles that we could of Gotenks, so that you have the most options ever to choose from. Nobody else gives you this much power, almost as if you have the power of Gotenks himself!

Save Money Every Week

When it comes to saving money on your DBZ Gotenks figure, we don't play around. We offer discounts and promo codes every single week so that you never pay full price while building your collection of Gotenks statues.

Checkout is Secure

We get it, you want to order your Gotenks figure rise with us but you're worried about checking out and having information stolen? Worry no longer! We use PayPal which is the most secure checkout method we could find in existence today because your information is never stored and can be never be accessed by others!

Ongoing Customer Support

This means that we are always here to help you with any questions or concerns you have on your Gotenks statue, or any shipping question you have or an update you need - we never stop working for you!

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

We love our DBZ fans and the support we get from you all so we have to repay you all by giving you 100% Customer Satisfaction 24/7! We want you to leave our site with happiness and satisfaction, and if you aren't satisfied please contact us so that we can help make you happy again!

Let us Hear your Thoughts

Do you love your Dragon Ball Gotenks figure? Do you have any comments or concerns you'd like to share? We love hearing all of your feedback, positive and negative as it helps us grow! Share with us what you love or maybe don't love so much about your Gotenks action figure, we love hearing it all!

Gotenks Figures Ordering Instructions

Follow our short guide to ordering online

Look through the list of Gotenks action figures

The first step you'll take is to simply look through our list of Gotenks figures and find the one you like the best (or several you like) and add them to your cart!

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Find a discount code for your Gotenks figure

Chances are your Dragon Ball Gotenks figure will have a discount code to use this week so be sure to enter that code right before checkout!

Paying for your order

At this point, it's time to check out and pay for your order. Remember, don't forget the promo code! You don't have to worry about stolen information either because we use a super-secure platform to do transactions through so you're in good hands.

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Track your order

Once you pay for your order, you'll receive an email receipt for your safe-keeping. As soon as your order has tracking information, you'll be notified again and you'll be able to watch your order arrive to your front door.

Your order arrives

Now is the time to receive your DBZ Gotenks figure and check out the amazing and delicate details on each one. Feel free to leave us any feedback on your figure! We know you're going to enjoy it!

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Gotenks Action Figures Client Reviews

Read our customers thoughts on their Gotenks figures

My Super Saiyan 3 fusion is the sickest figure I've ever seen in my life, and I'm not just talking about Dragon Ball figures either so way to go DBZfigures. I will be ordering more Gotenks and probably some Goku and Bulma figures too ;) You've certainly earned a lifelong customer!

Shane Wishan

Bought: Gotenks Figure Fusion Super Saiyan 3

Shane Wishan rating 5 stars

My figure is super unique and was actually hard for me to find before, but this time was super easy. and I couldn't be happier. I actually told my dad who is an even bigger Gotenks fan, and he ordered from you all too but I think he got another style.

Cori Rival

Bought: Gotenks Grandista Resolution

Cori Rival rating 5 stars

So I had a good friend of mine send me this as a surprise birthday gift, and when I opened it up and saw what it was it really brought tears to my eyes (I'm a tough grown man so I don't usually cry now) but it is something that meant so much to me from that person in that moment, I told her too, I said I'm going to let them know how much I love you for finding this place and then how much I love them for being this place lol. So here I am. Thank you for having such an amazing Gotenks figure. I'm still in shock 5 days later.

Tyrone Blacksmith

Bought: Ichiban Figure Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks (Rising Fighters)

Tyrone Blacksmith rating 5 stars