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Dragon Ball Z Figures Step-by-Step Guide

Here's a guide on how to use DragonBallZFigures.com to find your favorite DBZ items

Find Your Favorite Figure

Check out our list of Dbz figures. We suggest that you visit each category in our shop to find the best figures and other great items you might be interested in. We apply discounts every month for new customers.


Add Items in Your Cart

When you shop at Dragonballzfigures, you can add all the products you want in your cart all at once for fast and easy checkout. Discounts are automatically applied and will be reflected on your final bill during checkout.

Checkout and Receipt

After completing the transaction for your Dragon Ball figures, expect your receipt in your email within 1 to 5 minutes which confirms your purchase. You have 24-hours to make final changes in your order. After this this window period, changes are no longer applicable.


Shipping, Tracking Code and Delivery

Once we ship your dbz figure, you'll receive a notification via email that contains your order's tracking code. Use this information to track the status of your order and estimated delivery schedule. In most cases, it takes an average of 5 business days for an order to be delivered.


Delivery and Order Arrival

Your order has finally arrived and you can now enjoy your new DBZ figure! Please help us grow our community of DragonBallZFigures owners by giving us a review about your purchase and shopping experience.

Key Points for Dragon Ball Z Figures

Find out how Dragon Ball Z figures stand out from all other Dragon Ball-related merchandise.

We Have All the Dragon Ball Z Action Figures Available in the Market

At DragonBallZFigures.com, we offer all kinds of action figures that are currently available in the market - from the most common ones to the rarest finds. You'll find limited edition DBZ figures as well as standard models that would fit your collection.

Free Shipping and Delivery Worldwide

We at Dragon Ball Z Figures serve and deliver orders to over 200 countries worldwide. For a minimum order of $20, we can offer you with free delivery anywhere in the world. We are committed to provide you with convenient shopping solutions to satisfy your interest for a variety of Dragon Ball Z products.

Secure and Risk-Free Checkout When Paying for Your Purchase at DragonBallZFigures

Experience a secure and risk-free shopping experience whenever you purchase items at DragonBallZFigures.com. All payments are processed and coursed-through via PayPal. Our portal is also fully encrypted and we make use of a system that doesn't store the billing information of customers. Thus, you can always enjoy hassle-free transactions with us.

Other Payment Solutions

Aside from PayPal, DragonBallZFigures.com also accepts credit card and debit card payments with full protection from our system. We can assure you about the safety and security of each transaction because our goal is to provide our customers with a hassle-free shopping experience at all times.

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